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Homayoun Esfarjani Investment & Enterprises GmbH & Co. KG

Homayoun Esfarjani Investment & Enterprises GmbH & Co. KG  (HE Invent)

Homayoun Esfarjani Investment & Enterprises (HE Invent) is located in Wiesbaden and acts as the company group’s holding

HE Invent’s main objective lies in project and product development on its own authority. Homayoun Esfarjani is a strategic visionary and entrepreneur. His over 40 year old experience in industrial design, investment, market analysis, moderation and monitoring and his creativity come into focus when novelty products are developed, from prototype to serial production. At this moment, our activities cover various products improving everyday life, based on the principles of humane economics and a sustainable environment. The aim of our products is the merger of solid scientific and a new balance between nature und man.


Apart from HE Invent’s own enterprises, it continues to act as a strategic partner of industrial companies, from SMEs to multi-national corporations, with projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) as well as in East and South East Asia.


We conceptualize, design and plan long-term international and intercultural projects and business models. We cooperate in the search for investors and Prime Technology Partners.

A precise observation, knowledge and analysis of the market and economic development, risk assessment, and intercultural know-how and respect are essential. Ethical and economic transparency is equally important to Homayoun Esfarjani.


To provide a seamless care of our project from vision to implementation, the group combines its special know-how in three subsidiaries: MMM System + Technology in Duesseldorf, SSS Project Development in Singapore and Al Hady in Dubai.


In addition, each subsidiary offers their competence independently, for partners and their own corporate group.

Dudenstr. 37, 65193 Wiesbaden, Germany

T +49 (0) 611 1872 10 , F +49 (0) 611 1872 118

E info@he-invent.com

MMM System + Technology GmbH

MMM System + Technology GmbH is located in Duesseldorf

"Triple M" stands for Moderation, Monitoring and Mediation. These areas of expertise reflect our philosophy to systematize technology in the sustainable interest of the people.


Moderation involves the optimization of intercultural communication between the parties in international project management.


Monitoring structures within our company safeguard the interest of the parties by using our own early warning system. This applies as prevention for regulatory compliance. Also part of the package is our Monitoring of the project and product development to successful completion.


Mediation means harmonization of all conflicting interests. Our crisis management ensures harmony between man and law.

In project and product management we offer a unique combination of industrial design and communication, for which we coined the name "Soft Product".

Moersenbroicher Weg 191, 40470 Duesseldorf, Germany

T +49 (0) 211 301 7660, F +49 (0) 211 301 766 69

E info@mmm-systec.com

SSS Project Development LLP

The SSS Project Development LLP is headquartered in Singapore

"Triple S" as the operating subsidiary is responsible for the implementation of the projects of MMM (Soft Product) on site. These have their origins in Homayoun Esfarjani´s ingenuity, always in the spirit of a humane and efficient economy.


The three fields of competence are Support, Sales and Service:


Support includes the care, guidance and support of projects, from the communication with investors locally, coordination of suppliers up to the finished product.


Sales include the creation of viable business plans, analysis of distribution structures and localization of the ideal offtake partner (finance and marketing).


Services include technical support, modernization, operation and maintenance of the properties and the training of management and staff.

It provides project and product development, mainly in the fields of


• heavy industry, infrastructure and training

• food and beverages, packaging

• industrial design

• natural stone and mineral processing



c/o Luther LLP

4 Battery Road

049908 Singapore


E info@sss-projects.com


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Dudenstr. 37

65193 Wiesbaden, Germany

T +49 (0) 611 18 72 10

F +49 (0) 611 18 72 118

W www.he-invent.com


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